NZBC Compliance

NZBC Clause B2: Durability. Meets the requirement of NZBC B2.3. a) 50 years and b) 15years

NZBC Clause E2: External Moisture. Contributes to meeting these requirements

NZBC Clause F2: Hazardous Building materials. Meets this requirement and will not be a health hazard to people

Acceptable Solution to NZBC E2/AS1

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Weather Barrier Systems Dupont™ Tyvek® Building Wrap

The most installed building wrap in the world!

Introduced to the building industry in 1978 as DuPont™ Tyvek® House Wrap and now installed behind walls of approximately 15 million buildings around the world.

The first synthetic,  breathable,  fire retardant, wall underlay introduced to New Zealand.

 First third party appraised in New Zealand back  in 1984!

A multi-purpose wall underlay, compatible behind most facades including:

  • Fiber Cement
  • Cedar
  • Stucco/Plaster
  • Brick

DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® is available in roll size:2732mm x 30.48, 910mm x 30.48m

Features and Benefits:

  • CodeMark™ Certified (CMA-CM40140) to ensure NZBC Code compliance
  • Manufactured & Backed by DuPont, a 212 year old company
  • A non directional building wrap meaning the wrap can be installed upside down or inside out and performance will not be compromised 
  • Manufactured from spun-bonded polyethylene meaning it is breathable (high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) and not susceptible to abrasion or delamination during the construction process
  •  High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) of 0.5 MNs/g  (as per ASTM E96 Method B). This allows moisture vapour to escape, especially from the interior of the building including framing timber that may have got wet during construction
  • Excellent Water Penetration Resistance of 2500mm (as per AATCC 127 )
  • Can be installed in all wind zones including "very high"
  • Fire Retardant (however must be separated from fireplaces, heating appliances, flue and chimneys in accordance with NZ Building Code)
  • UV resistant for up to 120 days
  • Resistant to surfactants meaning it is suitable for use behind Cedar (endorsed by the Western Red Cedar Association) and suitable for use with LOSP treated timber (conditional upon the solvent in LOSP treated timber having had sufficient time to evaporate-typically 1 week)